In the age of social media, the Gen-Y uses specific terms, words, phrases, and sentences to define various things. “Like a boss” is one of those new-age proverbs. It means doing something in a way that sets you apart from the rest and makes you feel as if you are the foreman of the world. If you wish to be an indomitable ruler in the kingdom of e-commerce, then you must sell “like a boss.” An e-commerce website or a selling platform relies primarily on heavy sales to survive the competitive battlefield. If you are planning to design an e-commerce platform or if you already have one, then you better contemplate the importance of sales for your business. Conversion is, of course, what you want to achieve whether you sell products from a brick-&-mortar store or an e-commerce platform. The experts of a CRM & e-Commerce development agency UK say that every day is Christmas when your conversion rates surpass all expectations. However, you need contingencies when your conversions and sales estimates slide down.

Ways to improve conversions

A sudden drop in a website’s revenue generation calls for an analysis of the same. Probably, the strategies that worked in the past are now ineffective.

When it happens, improving and optimizing the e-commerce store becomes imperative. Once you conduct the review, a few of the webpage’s elements will pop up that are messing up the conversion.

If you want the limelight to shine on you, a few incremental alterations are all that you need. Here are a few ways to boost the conversions of your e-commerce store.

1. Hassle-free shopping: Web development agencies can design a simple as well as a complicated website. However, when it is about e-commerce, an easy-to-handle site is what you need. Something elegantly designed yet manageable enhances conversion. As the owner of an e-commerce store, you have to work with random products. Although, you must never put everything on one page, as it will be a serious turn-off for clients.

2. High-quality imagery: Buyers rely profoundly on product images that help them to make the right decision before the purchase. Experts working with a reputable CRM & e-commerce development agency UK ask you to pay attention to the product pictures. Buyers should have access to high-quality illustrations posted on your store’s catalog. Make sure that you include the ‘zoom-in’ feature so that buyers can explore the product from various angles.

3. Explanatory product descriptions: HD-quality images won’t be of any help to you if your buyers can’t find an appropriate description of a product. Hence, you must include meticulously written product descriptions with the images of all your products. Detailed product descriptions are particularly important with clothing. The employees of a brick-&-mortar store explain the features of a product to buyers. Your store isn’t a physical one and so, you need to think of ways by which your clients can educate themselves.

4. Product videos: Before purchasing something, a shopper wants to get into the nitty-gritty of the products. Descriptions are good enough, but videos are better. Videos allow you to showcase what your product can do and how. As the owner of an e-commerce website, you must start using videos to explain the details of your product, if you aren’t doing it already. Even statistics declare that videos successfully influence over fifty percent of shoppers to make a purchase.

5. Responsive customer support: On-spot assistance is available inside physical stores but not on online stores. Even a descriptive product catalog with beautiful images and videos can’t provide the answers to all the questions of a client. Thus, you need to give your buyers multiple ways to contact a customer service representative. Try to include options like email, live chat, and even text messages. With these communication modes in place, every customer can contact you based on their personal preferences.

6. Transparent pricing: Different price-tags listed for the same product on several pages is quite disturbing to clients. Maintaining transparency in the price of a product is the sign of a reputable and trustworthy e-commerce platform. Business owners like you should never hide charges, shipping fees, or other expenses. It is not only a bad practice but also affects conversions negatively.

To conclude

The specialists of the best CRM & e-commerce development agency UK called Astute Myndz can suggest more ways to improve your store’s conversions. However, the ones given above are useful enough to start. Nevertheless, morphing an e-commerce store into a conversion giant isn’t as challenging as you may think. A few minor changes in your strategies and the UI/UX will make a mountain of a difference. Just make sure that you get in touch with reliable e-commerce designers with relevant expertise.

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5 Ways To Promote In-Store Sales With Google Ads

  • The intensity of the competition in the online world is increasing with time. Understandably, most online stores can’t even grip the market properly. A few of them end up at the bottom of the food chain. An excellent way to drive traffic and remain competitive is to create smart pay-per-click or PPC marketing campaigns. Companies can do so by utilizing the ‘Google Ads’ tool. It helps you keep track and administer traffic to online stores. It needs search terms that most users come up with and a few other parameters. A Digital marketing service agency UK explains how you can use Google’s advertising services to increase your sales.
  1. Target audience based on intents:

    Google focuses on extending its audience targeting features. The targeting method appeared about six years ago and its design allows companies to reach prospective buyers. Google targets online purchasers based on surveys of intent signals. These include recent search activities and browsing queries. In the future, Google will implement signals in at least thirty different categories like beauty, education, real estate, sports, etc.

  1. LIA advertising:

    A reputable Digital marketing agency India reminds you of Local Inventory Ads or LIA. Google introduced it as a unique shopping ad feature. You can promote the products that you sell through stores near the user. LIAs highlight the in-store promotions and offers that you have in place. Naturally, with the use of LIAs, your sales increase. The feature arrived on two continents only. Soon, it will be available in other regions.

  1. Mechanized local campaigns:

    The implementation of automation isn’t just for promotional management such as bidding or headlines. It is possible to automate every facet of the campaigns, based on what the merchant provides. These include targeting, bidding, or creativity. A local extension-based campaign helps in delivering advertisements over Google’s omni-channel avenues. It even informs users regarding details like directions to local stores, business hours, photos, and contact numbers.

  1. With group locations:

    There is one feature that allows advertisers to personalize their advertising budgets. It further lets a business owner message content to specific locations as per sales plans and in-store promotions. As a client, you can tweak the messaging and the budget to certain geographical locations. You can do so with the use of in-store sale schedules and promotions. Then again, with the support of any worthwhile marketing agency, business owners can gain entry into this segment.

  1. Adjustments regarding seasonality:

    Google came up with a few modifications to the bidding platforms. These enhancements allow a retailer to enjoy optimal ROI and superb conversion rates. When you rely on this particular feature, you can use Google’s Smart Bidding to ready yourself for the adjustments and growth. These two are the most important, after all. Conversely, digital marketing companies can take care of the promotions while predicting the gushes in conversion ratios.

  • Seek the best

  • If someone asks you the names of e-commerce giants then you can name more than one of them. All these organizations reconstructed their brand orientation and promotional agenda. Despite this fact, in-store sales are making the wheels roll for a huge number of brick-and-mortar shops throughout the world. Now, if you need a Digital marketing agency UK, then contact Astute Myndz. Google’s local campaigns focus on physical stores and can increase footfalls dramatically. Of course, it is possible by availing the services of a digital marketing service provider as well.

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5 Tips To Boost Conversion Rate Of Your Website

  • The task of acquiring and nurturing high conversion rates for your business website is vital when it comes to sales. There are multiple ways of increasing your sales. You can do it by increasing your SEO standing and pay-per-click budget. It is also possible to do the same by producing more content and hammering social media organically through paid advertisements. All these things add up to a considerable amount of money and time.
  • There are other tricks to increase a website’s conversion rate. Even the smallest of alterations and tweaks can bring about incredible changes. For this purpose, you should speak to your conversion rate optimization techniques specialists. With their magical touch, you will witness an outstanding increase in your results. Here are a few tips to enhance website conversions.
  1. A/B testing:

    Do you know A/B testing is? It is a process where you get to compare two repetitions of a webpage against one another. Through this method, you can differentiate the one that performs better than the other. It is very much like an experiment where users see two or more pages randomly. You have to use tools like Google Analytics to assess the performance of the pages as per the conversion goals. Picking the right aspects of a site can be challenging. Firstly, you should target the headline. It should promote what your business has to offer. Apart from that, you must check the page navigation, layouts, your primary offer, CTA wording, etc.

  1. Lucid and attractive value propositions:

    The value proposition determines your conversion rate, which further aids in conversion tracking. The phrase, ‘value proposition,’ means a promise of value that you have to deliver and the customer has to acknowledge. It also includes a belief from the customer’s side regarding the delivery and experience of the benefits. Your website shouldn’t greet clients flatly and start displaying products and services. Value proposition encompasses more than what you have to offer. If you wish to build an excellent value proposition, then you must offer something different from your competitors. Additionally, you have to be equal to your competitor in at least one key element.

  1. Building a sales funnel:

    Sales funnels go down the drain as soon as you ask for signups or sales too early. Some of your users are only browsers. You need to escort them to the buying stage. With costlier products or services, people will need more time before they feel ready to commit. For instance, companies offer free trials of their Software As A Service. Building a sales funnel is mandatory, and so, these companies don’t ask their users to sign up instantly. In most cases, building sales funnels is the best way to gain the trust of clients and build a relationship with them. You should provide valuable free information, become a trusted adviser, feed content, delivering valuable, and compelling reasons, etc.

  1. Avoid linguistics:

    You will run into many websites with value propositions. However, when you explore everything written there, you will realize that it is entirely insensible. Don’t forget that human beings will see your website content and not vernacular robots. Therefore, you must keep things simple and clear so that everyone can read and understand.

  1. Easy purchase process:

    Finally, you must ensure that the third-party web development organization makes things easy for your visitors. Otherwise, they will never buy anything from you. You must create an intuitive buying process where buyers can reach their goals in just a few clicks. To do so, you should reduce the number of options, guide the buyer, and demand as little information as possible. In the end, you must leave the ‘sign up’ optional.

  • The conclusion
  • The tips mentioned here are some of the best landing page optimization methods to increase conversions. With creative and compelling content, visitors will flock at your website like bees on flowers. However, you aim to convert those visitors into paying clients. The information given here keeps that goal in mind. If you follow these guidelines, your website will turn into a selling machine, sooner rather than later.

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