The Beneficiary Role of Instagram Stories in Brand Marketing

Instagram has turned out to be one of the most popular social networking medium. Millions of people from various parts of the world are using the medium not only to connect with their followers, but also to promote their business. Instagram Stories can really help you to make a strong connection with the target audience and transform them into customers. If you wish to build a network with a maximum number of potential customers, make the most of Instagram. But, before moving ahead you need to know what Instagram Stories actually is and how it can work as an excellent marketing strategy for your business. Let’s get started…

Things you need to Know about Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are a special feature that allows users to post photos or videos which disappears after 24 hours. It means that any content shared via Instagram Stories will neither be visible on feeds or on profile grids. The feature has made it easy as well as interesting for people to share photos and video clips about their daily schedule. People got the scope of expressing themselves in an innovative way.

How to Find Instagram Stories?

If you want to have a look at someone’s Instagram Stories, you need to tap on their profiles. Their Stories will get displayed in a chronological order. You will get to see whatever they have posted in the last 24 hours. On your feed, you will notice a list of Instagram accounts you are following on the top. When you see a colored ring surrounding it, you will have to understand that there is something new to watch out for.

Ways of Creating an Outstanding Instagram Story

To strike a chord with the genuine customers, you need to build an exceptional social media marketing strategy for Instagram Stories. This makes it necessary for you to be aware of fundamentals of creating a story.

You can tap on the icon at the top left corner of your mobile screen or swipe right on your screen to reach the Story camera. You can click a photo or record a video using the camera, exactly like a general Instagram post. Add filters and modify with drawings and text to your main content to make it catchy. Tap ‘Your Story’ on the bottom left of your screen after you complete the editing. If you want, you can select a picture from your Smartphone’s photo gallery by swiping anywhere on the screen.

Innovative Ideas for Instagram Stories

To grasp the eyes of maximum Instagram users, your Stories demand to be uniquely creative. You get a wide range of options to customize your Instagram posts. By using Instagram Stories stickers, you can add a different touch to your posts. Add location to your posts as it draws people’s attention towards your local business. Using hash tags on Instagram Stories is a trend as that makes the posts easily viewable when people search for the specific hash tags. Tap on the hash tag sticker to include the most relevant hash tags to your posts. You can also add suitable location stickers to your posts for making them easily discoverable.

To interact with your target audience in a better way, use poll stickers on your posts. They will let you ask a question to the potential customers directly and get replies from your followers. It will help you to understand if your newly launched products or services have been able to impress the customers or what kind of improvements they are expecting.

Marketing Objectives for Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have made it quite convenient for the marketers to communicate with their target audience. You can promote your brand extensively via Stories and form a long-lasting relationship with potential customers. You can arouse interest among them about the products and services offered by your brand that results in growth of your business. As it is not a typical form of marketing and the customers actually get to see what takes place behind the closed doors, they feel like you care for their choices.

Presenting a story in a slideshow format can work as a wonder on Instagram. It boosts audience engagement till the end of presentation. You can also go live to give an edge to your Instagram Stories and engage more target customers.

What Makes Instagram Live a Great Choice for Social Media Marketing?

People of today’s generation believe on living in the moment. Curated videos have always been able the target customers. But, Instagram Live has got its own charm as it shows the audience what is happening at that very moment. If you want your video to remain forever on instagram, going live may not be a good option. Though, the other Instagram Stories for all time, live Stories vanish when you are done with broadcast.

Share a replay of it with your Instagram Stories so that target audience who missed the live video can watch it later. Do you know about influence marketing? It can work excellently when you mix it with a live video. As per the reports, more than 90% of brand and retail experts believe that live streaming events create a genuine interaction with the target audience. The youth prefer to go for live videos and presentation by influencers to boost audience engagement.

Engaging Q&A sessions can always benefit the brands and their users. As a brand owner, you get the wonderful scope of knowing your customers’ demands. You can ask each other question to build a firm relationship. One of the best things about Instagram Live is that users can ask you questions in the ‘comment’ section and you can give replies to them instantly.

Product launching and demonstrations via Instagram Live can fetch a myriad of reliable customers. By going live on Instagram, you can highlight the positive features of your newly launched products or services. Live stream gives the impression that you are not exaggerating the characteristics of your offerings as the customers get to see what is happening at the moment without any edit.

Take Your Brand Ahead Using Instagram Stories

Many brands have really made it big in the competitive market by making the best use of Instagram Stories. So you need to implement your innovative ideas perfectly to post high-quality Instagram Stories.

Well-crafted Instagram Stories communicate directly to the target audience. Being a business owner, you can inform the potential customers about your brand and its offerings in engaging way. Once you succeed in enticing them, it leads to enhanced brand recognition and increased sales.

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