Everything You Need to Know When You Want to Reduce the Risks of Outsourcing

There are many operational, financial, and logistical benefits of outsourcing. Still, a lot of companies consider outsourcing to be a risk. There are risks in these types of ventures, no doubt. But you have to understand that digitalisation has made the world a much smaller place. Despite the lack of accountability and the risk in the business model, there are enough efficient and responsible companies, who are getting the work done. Efficient companies introduce various processes and infrastructure into their systems to keep the work running smoothly. The clients are kept in the loop about the project updates over emails and phone.

There is always some risk in any business venture. You cannot overlook issues like lack of communication, accountability, and security. There are certain things though that you can do to avoid or minimise these risks. This is why investing time in finding the right development partner is crucial. Here are certain factors you need to calculate if you are planning to outsource for your company.

  • The Efficiency of the Company

The most important factor is the efficiency of the company. When you are outsourcing from a UK based Branding Agency, you need to know if your development agency will be able to complete the project. Otherwise, you will just end up wasting valuable time and money. If your project requires a significant amount of time and money, then you need to be sure that your agency has all the resources for it. Of course, an agency with more resources will charge more than the ones that have limited resources. You have to realise, that these projects will have a long-term effect and investing in a good project will benefit you for years to come. So, keeping these factors in mind, it may not be in the best interest of your company to go for the “budget” option.

Consider a few of these factors before choosing your branding agency, to avoid confusion later.

1) You need to find out about the company’s crisis management efficiency. Factors, like being able to work through a power or internet outage is something you need to consider. You need to find out how strong their security is to avoid security breaching.

2) Find out if their website has enough proof of their previous work, such as portfolios or case studies.

3) Learn more about how they handle situations like employee turnover and how efficient their project management is.

  • The Amount of Control

When you are outsourcing, maintaining the control on the development is a two-part process. You have to see that this balanced remains uninterrupted. There are many Web design and Development agencies in London who will gladly do the work for you. The problem arises when either party aims for higher expectations. Appreciate your branding agency if they are doing a good job, but do not expect that your high expectations will always be fulfilled. On the one hand, agencies will often agree to give you unrealistic deadlines, milestones, and budget plans. On the other hand, trying to control every aspect of the project will just lead to more procrastination. You have to understand, that a lot of developers work best when they are not constantly scrutinised. Also, learn to expect bad news at times and keep the transparency between you intact.

  • Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket is Never a Smart Choice

This theory is especially applicable when it comes to development and design. Depending on a single person or agency to do all the work is a risk. You need to question your outsourcing UK branding agency and confirm with them if they are able enough to handle such projects and have the required resources to get the job done. Find out if the company is able to quickly replace workers if they need to. The development of the project should not have to rely on the shoulder of one single person or a small team.

  • Hidden Costs

Nowadays, there are various ways of payment available to us. With options arises confusion. No single payment model is suitable to cater to every situation. Entrepreneurs often tend to rely on a single fixed model, but it is not always a smart way to go. This is good for small projects, but the outsourcing partner will not be able to deliver the same amount of work, within the same budget, when the work pressure increases. To avoid future communication problems; you need to avoid a fix payment model. Usually, companies opt for per-hour payments when they are outsourcing. You get an estimated value, and often the actual cost varies. The mark of a good branding agency is that they will always keep it as much transparent as possible. There is also the “design and build” model in which you pay for the services or products delivered by the agency. You need to understand which type of financial model will suit your needs before starting a project.

  • Security of the Project

Your design and development agency should have legitimate security. Digital crime is a real thing, and your invaluable data needs enough protection. Directly ask your outsourcing UK branding Agency about their security and privacy processes. To avoid any delay in the work, ask these questions beforehand. Avoiding misjudgement can prevent the crisis.


You need to stay calm and not rush into making a decision. Your excitement for your new project is understandable, but you need to do your research first. Many outsourcing agencies provide a free consultation. You can take advantage of this to find out if your requirements fit together. You can ask all the questions to ensure that the project remains private, secured and under your control at all times. If you start paying attention to the smallest details, then you can avoid making any mistakes regarding outsourcing, and it could prove to be successful.


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