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When it comes to e-commerce platforms, there are many available to business owners. Both up-and-coming start-ups, as well as renowned international brands, can use them. Among all the available platforms, Shopify is the most popular one and highly favored by its users. Anyone can work with it to start their e-commerce business and grow it profoundly. Apart from that, Shopify’s flexibility makes hundreds and thousands of business owners all over the world resort to it to run their web-stores. If you are wondering why to choose Shopify, then you may not know much about this platform’s benefits. Here you will learn about a few of Shopify’s advantages.

Nominal expenses

When you take a look at what Shopify has to offer for your money, you will definitely think that there is no better platform. It bestows a firm yet flexible store-builder that increases conversions and sales while reducing many administrative chores. Shopify can also provide worthwhile information regarding management. Monthly expenses for the ‘Basic Shopify’ plan start from $29. Alternatively, the price of the ‘Advanced Shopify’ plan goes up to $299 per month. The platform allows you to ameliorate, demote or cancel your subscription at any moment. Of course, you have to be regular about the monthly payments first. Shopify charges two other fees: one is a small percentage between 0.5 and 2.0 from your turnover, and the other is for payment gateways.

Reasons to choose Shopify


shopify technicalities

1. The technicalities: Do you use WPengine for your WordPress installation? If not, then you have to handle everything, including speed, security, and hosting. The people who wonder why to choose Shopify aren’t aware that it comes with built-in features. Professionals will take care of your store and ensure that it performs swiftly and remains secure.



2. Excellent cooperation: One company designed Shopify and all other platforms. Naturally, all the cogs of the machine work together in harmony. The owners and controllers of Shopify build your website, payment, shopping cart, and inventory and sync them up well without problems.


backend management

3. Hassle-free back-end management: Since you are the owner of the store, you will be spending a significant amount of time in the backend of the website. You will be setting things up, serving customers, and adding products. With Shopify’s exceptionally simple back-end system, administrative tasks will be a piece of cake for you.


payment gateway

4. Several payment gateways: Handling the payments of an e-commerce store is the most awkward and sensitive part. With platforms like Magneto or WordPress, you have to purchase extra extensions to conduct payment. On the other hand, the truth about Shopify is that it mellows everything out with its ‘plug and play’ payment gateways.



5. Connecting with a community: Shopify has a massive network of developers, third-party professionals, designers – essentially veterans in the field of digital marketing and web designing. The controllers of Shopify even encourage these experienced and knowledgeable people to join the forum by providing them with incentives.



6. Support from professionals: WordPress and other shopping carts like it are open-source platforms. They depend on online communities and forums for support. However, Shopify has a dedicated team that is always ready to help those who need it.



7. Numerous tools: Shopify gifts a toolbox full of tools to all its users for their blogs, up-sells, coupon codes, cross-sells, inventory management, analytics and more. No one has to snoop around for anything particular. If you use Shopify, you will surely find what you need in that toolkit.



8. Prices are friendly: After spending a significant amount of time, Shopify may seem pricey. Then again, nothing beats this platform’s pricing on a short-term deal. You won’t have to pay developers because you won’t need them at all. Besides, the monthly fee remains as low as $29. What more do you want?

The bottom line

To keep things short, Shopify is a fabulous platform for both new and established enterprises. Are you still pondering over why to choose Shopify? The security, flexibility, efficiency, ROI, and support it provides are off the charts. The professionals of Astute Myndz along with millions of merchants agree to the fact that Shopify checks all the boxes. So, give Shopify a try and experience the difference.

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