Top 7 Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Holiday Sales in 2018

Marketing Strategies for Holiday Sales

The holiday season is coming soon. People love to shop during the season due to which the brands earn abounding profits by selling their products. The presence of innumerable brands makes it crucial for you to adopt the most effective marketing strategies to grab maximum eyeballs to boost your holiday sales in 2018.

Here are the most effective marketing techniques to increase your holiday sales:

1.Video marketing: Intriguing videos can always attract attention of a maximum number of potential customers. Video marketing gives you the scope to promote your brand and not only your offerings. Customers always love to know more about their preferred brands. You can spread persuasive message to your target customers via an engaging video. It does not matter what kind of business you are involved in, you can always record an excellent holiday video to share your message with your customers.


2.Discounts: Offering great discounts to customers on purchase of products can always work in favour of your business. On holiday seasons, customers always look for which brand is providing what percentage of discounts on their products. It is up to you to implement the right marketing strategies to strike a chord with an uncountable number of customers and grow your sales. Offer single or attractive discounts to pull in plenty of customers. You can also arrange a series of short-term promotional strategies changing on a weekly basis by giving buyers an incentive to return.


3.Customer loyalty: While drawing attention of new customers, do not ignore your genuine shoppers. Customers who come back to you all the time contribute immensely to your growth in sales. So, it is essential for you to be in touch with them forever. Offer an exclusive gift to your most loyal customers like an attractive discount. Send beautiful cards to your ardent customers via email or in a traditional way. By doing so, you can grasp attention of numerous customers and make them believe that you are concerned for them.


4.Social media channels: You must be active on social media marketing via popular networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay connected with your target customers. But, social media channels like Pinterest, Reddit and Quora let you reach innumerable target customers in a different manner. They may not be famous like the networking sites, but they have got millions of genuine customers who wait for your content to get posted. Go for the social media channel that is perfect for your product and lets you build a strong connection with many customers.


5.Free shipping: Do you sell online your products? Offer free shipping as it can help you retain your loyal customers throughout the year. Give the special offer to customers during holiday season to increase your sales. It is important for you to make your customers aware of free delivery of your products. Try to make it as visible as possible on your online store or display about it in your marketing emails.


6.Mobile marketing: Over the recent years, mobile marketing has garnered quite acceptance among the business owners. They have experienced a massive growth in sales in 2017 holiday season as compared to in 2016. It is predicted that mobile sales will beat desktop sales for the first time in 2018. So, make sure your mobile marketing strategies are mobile friendly and your ecommerce website is mobile optimized.


7.Thanksgiving: Besides the traditional Christmas and Hanukkah card giving season, send thank-you cards to your reliable customers at Thanksgiving to set you apart from your competitors. It will leave a good impression of your brand on the customers and they will always prefer you over your rivals while shopping on holiday season.


If you want your sales to grow exceptionally in 2018, follow the above-mentioned tips. It is not imperative for you to implement all the discussed marketing strategies. Implement those that are suited for your business and can boost your sales to a high level.

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