The Best Mobile App Development Trends for 2019

With every passing day, the number of Smartphone users is growing at a rapid pace across the world. We all have become habituated to using mobile apps due to which business owners are investing huge amounts to develop them and stay ahead of their competitors. It is expected that 2019 is going to bring a brilliant future for mobile app development. Do you want to do mobile app development in the best possible way to take you business a notch higher in the next year?

Here are the reigning mobile app development trends worth considering for 2019:

    1.Machine learning and artificial intelligence: Machine learning and artificial intelligence have grown to be extremely popular in the mobile app development world. Artificial intelligence has made its presence felt in the form of chat-bots. Siri is one of the main evidences of why artificial intelligence and machine learning are still a significant part of mobile apps and cannot be set apart yet. The growing demand for machine learning and artificial learning in chat-bots and virtual assistants forms are something to watch out for in 2019.

    2.Accelerated Mobile Pages via AMP and EMM: In 2016, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) listings were included into Google search. After that mobile app developers have never delivered below at par performances. They started using the app framework with the simplified version of HTML to offer better user experience and customer retention. One of the biggest achievements of the development is Facebook Instant Articles. Such metrics and monitoring help in removing the obstacles and improve the entire performance of an app.

    3.Chat-bots: Chat-bots have acquired prominence in the digital marketing world. They are already acting and will act as virtual assistants within mobile applications. The app developers are grateful to the commendable advancement in artificial intelligence as it has become easy for them to include chat-bots in apps without complex coding. As per the reports, approximately 50% of purchasers favor self-service CRM. Effective implementation of chat-bots is an innovative way to enhance that type of customer relationship management.

    4.IOT and Wearable Devices: Mobile app developers will always be developing apps for wearable devices, mainly smart watches. Presently, the fitness industry and horology are investing on smart watches. Popular brands like Uber and Zomato have opted for wearable app development and experienced growth in business. In the upcoming year, movement trackers, fitness bands, watches and other wearable devices are likely to be in the foreground.

    5.Augmented reality and virtual reality: Mobile app developers are hoping for a long time stay of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in market. It is predicted by experts that they gain massive revenues by the year 2020. The app developers are expected to build thrilling mobile app user experiences with adaptable hardware emerging in the market in the next year.

    6.Cloud integration: The mobile app development world is embracing the facilities offered by cloud computing and integration. Some of the main benefits of building mobile apps across the cloud are capacity loading, better user retention, increased storage, streamlining operations and decreased costs in hosting. In future, developers are likely to make the most of cloud integration to develop mobile apps excellently.

    7.Payment gateways and mobile wallets: In today’s world, customers always expect for hassle-free payment methods while using any app. Due to the growing advancement of mobile apps, there has been a symbolic change in the ways customers like to shop. The shopping mechanism has gradually modified from cash payments to debit, credit, digital currencies and mobile wallets. Shopping enthusiasts adore mobile commerce to buy the products of their choices. Businesses must focus on offering an excellent app experience to users by working on mobile wallets and integrating payment gateways. People can really hope for fully secured payment gateways in the coming year.

    8.Mobile App Security: It is expected that mobile app developers will focus more on cyber security and link it directly to users’ data privacy and protection laws. Thus, users will be able to access the apps in a secured way in 2019.

    9.Instant Apps: Instant apps came into scene in the year 2016. They are native mobile applications which are smaller in size as compared to general apps. As the instant apps are not required to be downloaded, they are highly user-friendly and convenient. One can use the apps right away without downloading. Due to the increasing demand of users for better experience and decreasing download durations, instant apps are ought to be one of the most prominent things in 2019. They will also reduce the waiting time needed time for installation.

    10.On-demand apps: On-demand apps are expected to rule in the mobile app development sphere in 2019. An increasing number of industries are investing on such models to make the most of predictive analytics, mCommerce benefits, business bots and UI/UX improvements. Apps with booking features are likely to be better in functioning in the upcoming year.

    11.Predictive analytics: Mobile apps will no longer be considered as only utilities in 2019. They are going to be an essential part of a workflow. Facebook, Google and Apple have already implemented AI for using predictive analytics. It boosted the customer journey throughout the UI/UX of the apps. In 2019, one can hope for seeing a lot of advancement in the mobile app development world.

    12.Beacons Technology: Over the recent years, beacons technology has garnered quite acceptance among the mobile app developers. It is predicted by experts that the technology will retain its popularity in upcoming year. Mobile payments beacons, beacon-activated airports and automated personal beacons are likely to gain prominence in future. The developers are expected to build more accessible apps based on beacons technology, create virtual guides and make sharing of personalized information easy.

If you are planning to build exceptional mobile apps, keep the above-mentioned trends in mind. Put into consideration your business type and your target customers prior to choosing the app development styles. You can also consider hiring a leading mobile app development company in London to get performance-driven apps for flourishing your business.

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Top 10 Web Design Trends to Consider for Your Website in 2019

The success of your business depends a lot on how your website looks. An excellent web design can strike a chord with a maximum number of target customers, resulting in a massive growth of your business. Do you want to know about the latest and appealing web design trends?

Let us have a look at the leading web design styles that you can consider for your website:

    1. Personalized UX: Personalization of a website has been quite popular in the web designing field since years. It is mainly about offering an exceptional user experience to boost the conversion of your website. Personalizing the User Experience (UX) is based on a person’s gender, age and choices. It gives the impression that you give priority to user needs and preferences. Thus, they are likely to choose your products and services over your competitors resulting in increased sales.


    1. Voice User Interface (VUI): A voice user interface (VUI) is quite new in the web designing world that lets people to utilize voice input to operate computers and devices. If you run a digital marketing agency, you must build a website based on the latest technology to engage innumerable online customers. It can make your website realistic and interactive that leads to more and more website sales.


    1. Minimalism and Bold Typography Designs: Typography on the web is a trend that is getting bigger with every passing day. You can zero in on typography to enhance the appearance of your website. But, ignore distracting fonts as it can make your target customers not focus on your content and drift away from your website. You can actually lose a huge number of potential customers because of using inappropriate fonts on your website. Using bold typography with a different touch can increase your website sales to a large extent.


    1. Practicality and Content Centered UX: Users like to visit a website that is extremely user-friendly and loads instantly. So, it is a prerequisite for you to save time of users when they visit your website. Your content needs to be visually appealing to improve user experience. In order to capture maximum user attention, your website needs to be really catchy. You should remove content and images that are not much useful for the users, but only occupying space. By doing so, you can offer a satisfactory experience to your users. Create your web content with suitable space that makes it convenient for the users to read it.


    1. Augmented Reality: In web designing sphere, augmented realty is gaining prominence. As most of the devices have camera these days, letting your users interact via augmented reality can be a great choice. You can witness an animation and business card active on your phone. You can activate a virtual mirror so that users can try hats or glasses on your website and can own an engaging 3 dimensional navigation bar on your website.


    1. GIFS or animations: GIFS or animations are included by plenty of designers these days to make websites highly interactive. Many users do not like to go through each and every line of content. Give life to your website by implementing GIFs and animations. Your target customers will like to spend more time on your website and take interest on your products or services resulting in massive growth of your business.


    1. Chat-bots: Do you want to interact with your website visitors? Include chat-bots to your website. The visitors can ask you questions devoid of human interaction. As a business owner, you can save a good deal of time and money because you do not require a live person to escalate sales and productivity. Chat-bots can serve various purposes like frequently asked questions, purchasing a basic item, making a reservation, resolving a complaint and booking a meeting. The key benefits of a properly designed chat-bots are 24X7 availability, language recognition, and instant response provider, learning from customer feedback and capability of remembering order history and customer preferences. The chat-bots indeed work as a wonder to make a strong connection with your target customer that can bring in lots of profits.


    1. Sticky elements: Sticky navigation is turning out to be quite trendy in the web designing arena. It is all about adding sticky elements to the top, bottom or sides of the web page so that it does not distract the visitors and they get more access to your website. For instance, if your website has lots of content, you can add arrow as a sticky component. When your users will click on it, they will be taken to the top of the page right away. Sticky navigation actually makes website access enjoyable for the users that automatically increase your website sales.


    1. Grid Layouts: Those who active users of Pinterest are aware of grid layouts. These types of designs have grown to be one of the most sought after layouts for many websites. By making the most of grid layouts, you can display your website in a clean manner and align its elements. Grid layouts are considered to be a good addition for neat design, ease of use and gratifying user experience.


  1. Progress Spectrum: Web designers are using progress spectrums to segregate the unnatural linear steps in websites. Such web design tools act as a guide to visitors at every step and let them understand how much they have succeeded in the process. These are widely used by ecommerce websites during the buying process and restaurants during the time of order placement. For instance, if you run a construction company or an engineering form, you need to fill out more information rather than providing name and email or uploading files and other requirements. Due to this, the presentation of steps is done in a visually appealing manner that will let the lead to witness the end results.

The above-mentioned web design trends are surely going to make a difference in your website. It is not necessary for you to implement all of them. Go for the ones which you find the most suitable for website and take your business to the next level in 2019.

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