Why You Should Care About SEO during COVID-19 Pandemic?

With over a million cases of the novel coronavirus, governments around the world have taken steps to limit how people interact. This has drastically changed how people engage with brands and do business. Businesses that know how to adjust to the changing marketplace will not only strengthen themselves now, but also set them up for success in the future.

Maintaining a strong digital presence through SEO and content marketing will be one of the most important steps that businesses take right now. As brick and mortar stores continue to find themselves forced to shut their doors, digital advertising and ecommerce has become more important than ever. Customers are increasingly shifting their buying activity towards online options, and brands need to be present for these consumers.

In the United States, online purchase of food, over-the-counter medicines and protective equipment have seen tremendous surges. Online supermarkets and online fashion merchants have also seen as increase in traffic rates.

As consumers are turning to online stores to address their needs, thriving organizations need to meet them with an excellent online experience and engaging content. As this growth has mostly occurred on mobile devices, brands need to be prepared to create high-quality content and digital experiences that will engage customers through mobile devices.

How to Thrive Your Business with Digital Marketing and SEO

  • Attract Audience with targeted content

Create targeted content to attract new potential users and customers to your site. As you engage with your customers, learn more about their interests and concerns during this time of social distancing and isolation. Develop material that will allow you to interest and engage your customers. Research industry keyword trends to find keywords that have high search volumes and low competition. This will help you create targeted content.

  • Give your Audience hope for the future

As your customers are stuck inside, working from home, and unable to go about their typical lives, use your content to help them think about the future and begin to plan for what they will do when this pandemic ends. Help your customers find positive things to look forward to.

If the crisis presents opportunities for your customers, let them know their options. Consider if there are any opportunities your customers can use to help them make the most out of the poor situation. In this unstable period, your content and marketing campaigns might do more to drive resources towards future demands and sales rather than current. Regardless, make sure you maintain strong, helpful relationships with your customers.

  • Use various channels to stay connected with your audience

To maintain a strong presence with your customers, you will also need to think about how to engage them across multiple channels, including organic, paid, and email. Your organic strategy will help you get your brand out in front of existing and new potential customers who engage with content online.

Continuing to use paid ad strategies will then help you maintain a strong presence for targeted keywords and topics that will interest your customers throughout this challenging time. Use paid to complement your organic strategy, creating ads for key demographics on social media or for important terms on Google where you might otherwise struggle to rank.

Finally, strengthen your relationship with past site users through email. Use segmented email lists that allow you to target different groups of potential customers based on different demographics.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to maintaining and building your organization in the face of the rapidly changing business climate, SEO and digital marketing will remain your cornerstone. Consider the advice above and see how you can put these ideas to work to create a strong strategy for your organization. If you do not have the time and knowledge to execute proper SEO, you can consider outsourcing it to us. We have vast experience and knowledge of SEO techniques and constantly keep updating with the changing trends.

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5 Effective Ways To Measure The Success Of Digital Marketing Campaign

  • Many business organizations are now delving into the world of digital marketing for promotional purposes or to create brand awareness. Studies conducted in the past revealed how digital marketing policies work and the ways to manage an effective campaign. Despite this fact, business organizations don’t get what they expect. Campaigns don’t lack qualified personnel, creativity or quality materials. However, problems arise from the failures associated with the monitoring and success of the marketing ventures. Very few business owners care about measuring the performance of their marketing efforts. Here you will learn to contemplate the measurement analytics processes as explained by the experts of a digital marketing agency.
  1. Identifying and setting business objectives:

    One of the most effective ways to achieve success in digital marketing is to involve everyone in your organization. It doesn’t matter whether an individual is from the management division or just a regular employee. Of course, top management people may not be an active part of any marketing activity. However, they are the ones who identify and set up an organization’s business and digital marketing goals.

  1. Identifying and setting targets:

    You should follow the recent digital marketing trends to recognize your business objectives. Once you ascertain your business goals, you can set up specific objectives for each of them. The top management department should be a part of the process even now. After all, it involves a critical thinking process that includes leaders, marketers, and analysts who will enforce the campaigns. Target-setting for your company’s objectives should include all the activities, products, and services presented on your webpage.

  • Identifying target segments:

    After you have a set target for your digital marketing venture, you should identify the target segments. The segments can be people or groups of them from a specific demographic zone. You can also choose to focus on certain organizations and businesses involved in a particular niche. Digital marketers often fail due to the lack of focus on targeting. It is crucial to concentrate on your target to achieve the best results.

  1. Frame your KPIs:

    Some objectives provide you with pinpoint accuracy that helps guide your campaign. Then again, you must also establish KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. These will help you monitor and recognize your performance against the objectives and targets. Firstly, you should pay attention to your search engine rankings. Then, you have to look into your overall site traffic. Two more include new or returning traffic and mobile traffic. There are several other KPIs to monitor.

  1. Identify success indicators:

    Once you identify the KPIs, you will track and monitor the same. However, you have to set particular targets for each of your KPIs. All the targets are numerical values. Measuring the performance against the same allows you to measure your success in quantifiable terms. You need to set an initiation point which will let you determine if you follow benchmarks set by industries. Don’t forget to include your average values that came from existing analytics data.

  • Websites are becoming indispensable with every passing moment in the consumer journey. Conversely, the need to measure the efficiency of the digital marketing agency uk also increases. In that respect, Astute Myndz, a reputable digital marketing organization can prove to be immensely useful to you. As already mentioned earlier, most business companies don’t measure their digital marketing venture. The right thing to do is to seek help when needed. So, don’t hesitate to contact the right digital marketing organization

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The Latest Web Animation Technologies to Use for Your Website

In today’s world, website is considered as one of the most important tools of a business. It represents your brand online and makes your business stand out in the crowd. To add a different touch to your website in this New Year, make the most of animation. Besides making your website more attractive, animation also makes it web app friendly. But, before using animation for your website, you must know about the technologies used by developers to animate web elements. Hiring a recognized custom web development company in UK can help you to get an animated website according to your preferences.

Here are some of the most popular technologies that developers use to build animated websites:

#CSS Animations: Set CSS properties on the web page elements in the Document Object Model (DOM) to animate them. You can also use JavaScript to move DOM elements on the website as per the patterns laid by a function or an equation. There is no requirement of external libraries with CSS animations for an excellent performance of a website. The best thing about CSS animations is that you can use them easily to customise animations with media queries. You can only pass their values straightaway rather than creating key frame objects and timing properties. The drawback of CSS animations is that you cannot make complicated physic effects and replicate realistic motion. If you require more than three consecutive animations, CSS may not be a great choice. In that case, writing sequential and complex JavaScript animations can be a better decision.

custom web development company

#JavaScript animations: With JavaScript animations, you get several options and command over website animations. JavaScript comes with its own animation functionality, where most of the animations are executed via extra libraries. The efficiency of JavaScript is dependent on the selected library. The complex JavaScript animations increase the download time of a web page. JavaScript animations are more flexible than CSS transitions or animations. They are appropriate to be used for exceptional animations like stopping, slowing down, pausing and bouncing. The professionals of a leading mobile application development company in UK can make the best use of JavaScript animations to modify your website.

#Canvas animations: Canvas animations let you animate a good deal of visual objects. You can create high-quality and complex animations on a visual space offered by a canvas. Canvas animations are mainly about playing with pixels and are an ideal way of making advanced animations. You can actually create complicated things without compromising the performance of your website. Thus, canvas animations are any day suitable for complex design and interplay.

#SVG animations: SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a vector graphics format that can be applied on the website. As the vectors have no pixel constraints, SVG animations appear to be very pointed. They keep on looking similar and never lose their quality like raster images when you resize them. You can animate the SVG elements easily with CSS. SVG is available with its own syntax for animation, known as SMIL, which is more effective than CSS. By using CSS, you cannot animate certain SVG properties like a path shape.

#WebGL: WebGL(Web Graphics Library) is used most of the times for creating complex effects and 3D. You can also implement Web GL to make animations for virtual reality (VR). It lets you to produce graphics at 60 frames in a second. Use canvas for WebGL animations, but it can be quite difficult. Web GL are applied by many website developers these days to build innovative and catchy visual effects.

So what are you waiting for? Revamp your website in an exquisite way by utilising the above-mentioned technologies for animation. A preeminent custom web development company in UK can implement the forefront technologies perfectly to animate your website. A beautifully animated website can work as a wonder to leave a good impression on a maximum number of target customers. In this New Year, go for an animated website and enjoy stupendous growth in your business.

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The Latest AI Trends That Will Rule in 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has got a significant impact in the marketplace. It saves time and manpower that leads to comprehensive cost reduction. It is considered to be a great thing to bring in an improvement in business from every aspect. If you want to make a difference to your business at all levels, you need to embrace AI. To stay ahead of your competitors in business, you need to be aware of AI future trends.

Here are the leading AI Trends to Consider for Your Business in 2019:

Internet of Things (IOT):

    The Internet of Things (IOT) is a system of home appliances, vehicles, physical devices and other items installed with software, electronics, sensors, connectivity and actuators that enable these components to connect gather and exchange data. Thus, it can be said that IOT is mainly about machine-to-machine connection and results in smartness of ‘smart homes’ via home automation. The excellent combination of AI and IOT can build a centralized ecosystem where diversified systems and devices can function together like the way you prefer.

Chat-bots and conversational commerce:

    Do you know what chat-bots are? They are like people who active on a website or app throughout a day to offer constant assistance multiple brand users. Chat-bots are basically AI-based programs that ‘speak’ with users while providing them guidance or assistance. The chat-bots utilize machine learning to enhance their communication. The conversational commerce via chat-bots is expected to make shopping extremely easy and enjoyable for the customer

Personal technology:

    AI is based on various latest technologies and will keep on making our lives exciting in future. Smart devices have made its presence felt everywhere from your room, kitchen to swimming pool. The cutting-edge AI elements let smart devices to communicate with each other.
    Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that has made a huge development in the digital world. It has paved ways for the development of an increasing number of websites and apps.
    Self-driving cars, also known as autonomous cars combine AI with different sensors that let the drivers see what is around them. The self-driving cars allow the plotting of city streets and highways with no requirement for direct control. They can actually car driving quite for people in upcoming year.

Capsule networks:

    The new capsule networks overshadowed the convolution neural networks (CNN) on various fronts. CNNs had some limitations that resulted in poor performance and gaps in security. The capsule networks permit AIs to discover usual patterns with less data. The network is expected to occupy relevant positions and transformation of an object into consideration with no requirement of getting trained vigorously on variations.

Decentralization and democratization:

    Gone are the days when artificial intelligence was only restricted to dynamic supercomputers and large devices. Nowadays, it has become an intrinsic part of Smartphone, wearable devices and equipment. By using it, you can train your personal AI assistants regionally on your device so that they can easily understand your unique accent and recognize your face.

Voice assistants:

    Voice-enabled computing was quite evident in 2018. Most of the biggest brands are adopting this technology to make a strong connection with the target customers. In 2017, LG made all of its appliances WiFi enabled. Samsung is focusing on the development of its own voice assistant, Bixby. They have a plan to make all its products to be connected with each other and acquire intelligence from Bixby within 2020.

Implementation of AI will always prove to be beneficial for your business. So, you should go for it with no second thoughts. Keep the above-mentioned latest AI trends in mind and apply it in the best possible way to boost your business.

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Top 10 Web Design Trends to Consider for Your Website in 2019

The success of your business depends a lot on how your website looks. An excellent web design can strike a chord with a maximum number of target customers, resulting in a massive growth of your business. Do you want to know about the latest and appealing web design trends?

Let us have a look at the leading web design styles that you can consider for your website:

    1. Personalized UX: Personalization of a website has been quite popular in the web designing field since years. It is mainly about offering an exceptional user experience to boost the conversion of your website. Personalizing the User Experience (UX) is based on a person’s gender, age and choices. It gives the impression that you give priority to user needs and preferences. Thus, they are likely to choose your products and services over your competitors resulting in increased sales.


    1. Voice User Interface (VUI): A voice user interface (VUI) is quite new in the web designing world that lets people to utilize voice input to operate computers and devices. If you run a digital marketing agency, you must build a website based on the latest technology to engage innumerable online customers. It can make your website realistic and interactive that leads to more and more website sales.


    1. Minimalism and Bold Typography Designs: Typography on the web is a trend that is getting bigger with every passing day. You can zero in on typography to enhance the appearance of your website. But, ignore distracting fonts as it can make your target customers not focus on your content and drift away from your website. You can actually lose a huge number of potential customers because of using inappropriate fonts on your website. Using bold typography with a different touch can increase your website sales to a large extent.


    1. Practicality and Content Centered UX: Users like to visit a website that is extremely user-friendly and loads instantly. So, it is a prerequisite for you to save time of users when they visit your website. Your content needs to be visually appealing to improve user experience. In order to capture maximum user attention, your website needs to be really catchy. You should remove content and images that are not much useful for the users, but only occupying space. By doing so, you can offer a satisfactory experience to your users. Create your web content with suitable space that makes it convenient for the users to read it.


    1. Augmented Reality: In web designing sphere, augmented realty is gaining prominence. As most of the devices have camera these days, letting your users interact via augmented reality can be a great choice. You can witness an animation and business card active on your phone. You can activate a virtual mirror so that users can try hats or glasses on your website and can own an engaging 3 dimensional navigation bar on your website.


    1. GIFS or animations: GIFS or animations are included by plenty of designers these days to make websites highly interactive. Many users do not like to go through each and every line of content. Give life to your website by implementing GIFs and animations. Your target customers will like to spend more time on your website and take interest on your products or services resulting in massive growth of your business.


    1. Chat-bots: Do you want to interact with your website visitors? Include chat-bots to your website. The visitors can ask you questions devoid of human interaction. As a business owner, you can save a good deal of time and money because you do not require a live person to escalate sales and productivity. Chat-bots can serve various purposes like frequently asked questions, purchasing a basic item, making a reservation, resolving a complaint and booking a meeting. The key benefits of a properly designed chat-bots are 24X7 availability, language recognition, and instant response provider, learning from customer feedback and capability of remembering order history and customer preferences. The chat-bots indeed work as a wonder to make a strong connection with your target customer that can bring in lots of profits.


    1. Sticky elements: Sticky navigation is turning out to be quite trendy in the web designing arena. It is all about adding sticky elements to the top, bottom or sides of the web page so that it does not distract the visitors and they get more access to your website. For instance, if your website has lots of content, you can add arrow as a sticky component. When your users will click on it, they will be taken to the top of the page right away. Sticky navigation actually makes website access enjoyable for the users that automatically increase your website sales.


    1. Grid Layouts: Those who active users of Pinterest are aware of grid layouts. These types of designs have grown to be one of the most sought after layouts for many websites. By making the most of grid layouts, you can display your website in a clean manner and align its elements. Grid layouts are considered to be a good addition for neat design, ease of use and gratifying user experience.


  1. Progress Spectrum: Web designers are using progress spectrums to segregate the unnatural linear steps in websites. Such web design tools act as a guide to visitors at every step and let them understand how much they have succeeded in the process. These are widely used by ecommerce websites during the buying process and restaurants during the time of order placement. For instance, if you run a construction company or an engineering form, you need to fill out more information rather than providing name and email or uploading files and other requirements. Due to this, the presentation of steps is done in a visually appealing manner that will let the lead to witness the end results.

The above-mentioned web design trends are surely going to make a difference in your website. It is not necessary for you to implement all of them. Go for the ones which you find the most suitable for website and take your business to the next level in 2019.

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