Apps Show Record Spending In First Quarter of 2020 amidst Social Distancing

As people are stuck at home due to the coronavirus outbreak, the time spent in mobile apps and app downloads have peaked. People have been turning to mobile apps for managing their finances, doing online shopping, finding exercises, working from home and entertainment purposes too.

Reports suggest that the first quarter of 2020 witnessed record consumer app spend. Additionally, the average weekly time spent on games and apps grew about 20%. In the first quarter, consumers globally spend more than $23.4 billion through app stores. The largest contributors of the increased app sped were China and the US.

To translate this in terms of installations, quarter 1 of 2020 accounted for 31 billion new app downloads. This is 15% more than the last quarter of 2019. Since there is usually a boost in app installations in the fourth quarter due to holiday sales of new phones, this growth is really notable.

With this noted, there is no doubt that a mobile app is a requisite to reach out to your target audience and connect with them during this situation.

  • Offer Personalized Experiences

Regardless of the industry, you are operating in, ensuring customer satisfaction is of prime importance for all businesses. Apps help you in offering tailored content based on contact preferences and content likeness of the customers. By providing targeted information, the probability of the customer to make a purchase or avail a service will also improve.

  • Facilitating Voice Search

Voice-based products like Alexa, Google and Siri have already captured a lot of popularity in the market. It is believed that almost half of the searches will be made via voice search by the end of 2020. With mobile apps, you can optimize to facilitate voice search for your users. With SEO and incorporation of voice search benefits, your business can even enjoy a better online presence.

  • Implementing AI

Integrating AI with mobile applications enables the creation of smarter apps which can fulfill various purposes like maintaining extensive data and analyzing user behavior.  AI will help you provide an intelligent service to your customers, providing customized results and options as per their requirements.

  • Widespread use of instant applications

Instant applications make tasks easier for users as well as the developers. In simple words, instant apps can be regarded as native apps that function like websites and attract customers. Although smaller in size, they possess all the features of a mobile application. The biggest attraction of such applications is that users can access these without downloading them.

Offering unmatched user experience is essential during this period to truly attract your audience and maintain brand loyalty. If you do not have a great app or an app at all, you audience will seek alternatives and switch to competitors. Don’t let your business dwindle when a simple mobile app can drive growth for your business. We are here to create amazing user-focused apps for your business.

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UI UX Design for Enhancing App User Engagement

UI or UX design is a key component of the app development process. UX design helps to convert a simple idea into a stunning digital product or mobile application with enhanced visual appeal. UI UX design services in London affects the appeal and usability of your app, determining if users can return to the app again and again. In this article, we will discuss how an app development agency in London can maximise user engagement through effective UI UX design.

How do UI UX designers influence app design?

UI UX design services providers in London create digital solutions with smooth user interface to enhance and encourage interaction. They optimise user experience to boost the development and growth of the mobile app. To achieve this, the apps are created in a way to solve problems and offer easy usage along with pleasing aesthetics.

A professional app development agency in London with experienced UI UX designers will be able to offer a combination of functionality and beauty, adding value to the app.

How to Achieve User Engagement and Retention?

It is a popular belief that an application should be attractive to retain users. However, the retention of users is determined by the complete experience offered by the app. The application should be easy to use and interact with. It should allow the users to easily navigate from one page to the other.

Here are some techniques that UI UX design services providers in London utilise to achieve high user engagement:


  • Animation to Enhance User Experience

2D animation has become an integral part of UI UX design today. A wide variety of animations are used to bring out a particular behaviour. For instance, when an error message is flashed on the screen, the pop-up message can shake to draw the user’s attention. So, designers should create and use realistic animations to encourage engagement.


  • Simple User interface Design


Designers are well-versed with the needs and expectations of users of an application. Users do not wish to jump through a number of hoops when interacting with a mobile application. As they are only interested in the final result, they want to use the simplest and fastest method. To facilitate this, you should develop UX flowcharts for individual pages when designing the wireframe of the app. For example, if your application requires users to sign up; the ‘Sign Up’ page should be easy to locate. If users cannot find the page, they may move to a different application. UI UX design services in London ensure a simplified user interface design.

In Conclusion

An app development agency in London implements various techniques to achieve a great interface. The success of digital products such as mobile applications depends greatly on the UI UX design. Only an application offering both functionality and pleasing aesthetics can become successful today.


The UI UX design of a mobile application determines how easily users can navigate through the app. A great UX with pleasing aesthetics is a prerequisite for a great app experience and user retention today.

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